BIG BOOK of Cougar



The BIG BOOK of Cougar has been published!


As the Editor for the Cascade Cougar Club, Don Skinner spent seven years gathering information on our beloved Cougars and putting the information into seven magazines, one for each year, 1967 – 1973, as 40th Anniversary publications. During this time and for the last year, he has continued writing and collecting material for articles.

Some of our well known members of the Cougar Community have urged Don to produce a Big Book of Cougar with all the articles included in one book. Last year he started putting the articles together and finishing up the remainder of the articles he had not published yet. He also contacted some members of the Cougar Community and requested that they write specific articles for him to help round out the Cougar Story. All of those people have responded and sent in the requested articles.

The book is 8 1/2 x 11, all color and 192 pages cover to cover, with almost a half inch spine. Many of the original articles have been worked over with some new pictures and text. This is a book you would be proud to have in your collection or on your coffee table.

The price is $24.95 plus $5.05 for mailing expense (US Dollars). If you'd like one . . . or more, just send Don an email at to let him know what your order will be. Postage for multiples will be calculated for each requested order.

Personal checks and PayPal can be used to purchase this book directly from Don.


Best regards,
Don Skinner
former Editor